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3 Ways to Honor Your Creative Needs in Franchising When Natural Fears Develop

Why do many people decide to start a business? Because they’re tired of not deciding for themselves on a number of levels how to run their career life; not to mention their personal life, which is most certainly affected by one’s career life. Some even argue that the two are absolutely inseparable.


So when would-be-business owners start looking into independently starting their own business, they have every reason to want to do it their way, remaining the captain of their own career as it plays out under the rocking and swaying of business operation.


All this independence comes at a price though. Franchisees could be said to have considerably downplayed their interest in paying the price associated with going into business without support, and the price can vary for every business. Successful business models do exist outside of franchising. Franchise businesses simply offer a team and go-to guidebook to support you as you steer the course of your own career life.

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With this team and go-to guidebook questions can arise on the part of those looking into their next career move.


Is franchising actually going to mean I’m under the control of this “guidebook” that’s already been laid out?

Would I be stifled as a franchisee and feel kinda like how I did in the corporate world, only now having my life savings on the line?

Is this “team” going to micromanage me into a state of total dissatisfaction?

Concerns that franchising is a generally creativity-stifling way to enter into business are out there, and actually quite normal. Whether going into business alone or with the support of a franchise system, concerns about being happy in the business, happy with year after year outcomes, and happy with the amount of control you have over your own life are normal and natural concerns. Healthy concerns even!


Much of these concerns are actually simply linked with general and even quite specific fears associated with the unknown that lies beyond our decisions, whether professional, personal, or both.  


To reduce these concerns to as close to nothingness as possible and proceed confidently in the world of franchising, consider some of these practical tips that can help you develop the insight you need to make the wisest possible decision for your particular goals.

  1. Narrow down and visit the corporate offices of those particular franchise systems that you are contemplating. Let your connection (or lack thereof) and alignment with the leading team of the company be your guide as to whether stepping in or out is the right choice for you.
  2. Ask yourself: Am I drawn to this business concept naturally? Does it feature key aspects of service within a sector that excites me and a plan that excites me? Do I feel a true passion for the company and its purpose coming from leading professionals in the team and do I share their passion?
  3. Become as familiar as humanly possible with the ways in which you will be free to make moves based on what you wish for yourself and your business before you enter into a franchise agreement. Think of and decide on the kind of creativity you must retain as a franchisee to be content. Compare those wishes with the business models and concepts of franchises as you review them while closely noting the ways in which your needs would or would not be satisfied.
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