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5 Fun Things Franchise Owners Get To Do

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Owning a franchise can be fun!

I’m not necessarily talking about owning a franchise like this one, although it certainly looks like it would be fun to own and operate.

I’m referring to the things that are fun because you are the owner of a franchise business. Things you may have never thought about. Things that could motivate you to consider owning a franchise even more than you are now. Let’s dig in.


5 Fun Things You Get To Do As A Franchisee

1. Opening A Door

It’s something all of us do several times a day. We open doors to enter our homes, our cars, and all of the different places we visit each and every day.

But, there’s almost no feeling in the world that matches the one comes from opening the door to your own business. It’s exhilarating. And, it’s fun! (You should try it sometime.)

2. Having Employees

On the surface, it may not sound fun to have several employees under you. But, it can be. It depends how you look at it.  For example, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to do everything yourself?

In addition, you can actually have fun with your employees. Consider setting up contests for them-- incentives to sell more or do more…for cash prizes. If you’re a real successful franchise owner, you can take your employees on exciting team-building trips.

3. Coming and Going

Does your criteria (for a franchise to own) include flexibility? If so, imagine the possibilities if you could find a franchise to buy that would allow you to have extreme flexibility.

You could leave work in the middle of the day to hit a few golf balls at the local driving range.

You could bug off on a Thursday for a long weekend getaway with your honey.

You could arrive to work at Noon-because you can…because it’s your business.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could have that kind of flexibility as the owner of a franchise business?

4. Local Networking

When you own a franchise business -- any type of business, actually -- it’s crucial to do some old-fashioned networking. That’s because you need to get the word out about your business, as well as keeping the name of your business (and what you do) front and center in people’s minds. 

One thing you can do is join a formal local business networking group like Business Networking International (BNI). Service organizations like Rotary International and Kiwanis provide networking opportunities, and are also worth a look. You’ll have lots of fun participating in these groups.

5. Accounting and Bookkeeping

If activities like accounting and bookkeeping don’t sound like they’d be fun, you’re looking at them all wrong.

I understand that doing back-office work…the work that all small business owners have to do in order to keep things humming along, may not be on the top of your “fun things to do as an owner” list. But…

At the end of the day (the end of the month, really) don’t you want to know how much money your franchise business took in? Don’t you want to know how much money you were able to keep?

Counting money is fun. Especially when it’s your money…not your employers’ money.


Owning A Franchise Can Be Fun

I’m not suggesting that owning a franchise business is all fun and games. Some days are lots of fun. Some days are not.

But, owning a business changes everything. And, you will have fun. I promise.


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