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Every Potential Franchisee Wonders: Go It Alone or Partner Up?

When considering that most small businesses do not reach profit and stay afloat for extended periods of time, it is no surprise that running one can be a daunting responsibility.  Still, many prefer the freedom that goes along with running a self made business, especially when it involves the interests and talents of an owner and team that are fulfilled by the purpose behind the business.

The primary reason that many small businesses totter after some years is depleted resources to keep it moving, due to lack of real planning associated with starting a new business, and in some cases unforeseen occurrences.  Much of this planning and establishing the needed base framework is challenging for new business owners, and even those who have already started a business prior can struggle with creating an outline that accurately forecasts what is necessary to keep the business alive.

The words proven and model come up often when franchisees consider what franchising has to offer, especially looking back on their own business venture.  Access to communicating with others who have already invested in the system is a bonus as well.  New business owners starting fresh don’t have the luxury of talking with someone about the exact same business model, brand, and concept.

Investing in a brand and model that is part of a franchise system means a degree of security, even if less control is possible for franchisees.  Entrepreneurs who want to control all aspects of operation will find franchising a real challenge unless they can relinquish that desire for the security that comes with investing in a franchise that has established itself.  Everyone must make this decision and face whatever pros or cons come along with it.  Some just choose to minimize risks the best way they know how: franchising.

Profitability and security sound good together and this is why many franchise partners opt to involve themselves with franchise systems rather than go it alone.  Not every franchise will be a major running success for years to come and not every franchisee will handle matters wisely after investing in a franchise concept.  Yet chance and odds, which are primary issues when entering business, are with franchise owners, especially when they are highly motivated during the due diligence process and attentive to detail.

Every franchise business started somewhere, and franchisors started as business owners somehow, came up with an idea, and invited others to share in the system’s expansion.  The questions is, are you that person, or are you a franchise partner, someone ready to invest in an established network or someone ready to start building one?  Again, each individual ready to change their life with a new business venture must consider these things carefully, weighing all relevant aspects.

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