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Street Smart Franchising- The Insider’s Guide to Buying, Owning and Operating a Franchise

By Joe Matthews, Don DeBolt and Deb Percival

In the far off distance you dream of running your own business? Yet reaching this goal has made you fearful about its possible success. You would like to be in business but you’re not sure you would like to do it on your own. Investing in a franchise opportunity however can provide you with the prospect to run your own business but with the added security of a proven business model and the support of a close-knit franchise community.

This process in reaching your goal of franchise ownership is not an easy one- it is and will be an “emotional rollercoaster”.

But don’t despair, the following book “Street Smart Franchising” written by real-life franchise experts will be your personal Sherpa and guide you through the unfamiliar terrain of franchising, around the inevitable twists and turns, ups and downs, and eventually leading you to the top in locating a franchise opportunity that matches your personal work style, ambitions and interests.

So how does it work?

Firstly this book will help you to decide if franchising really is an option for you by assessing your own personal work style according to your personal behavior style. The authors have incorporated an effective acronym system called:

“KASH” 1) Knowledge 2) Attitude 3) Skills 4) Habits

This system will determine what work style you are naturally inclined towards. This will be important for you in realizing your true business potential and what franchise you really should be investigating. Furthermore sprinkled throughout this book are questionnaires, franchise definitions, real-life franchise examples, facts and franchise checklists which will undoubtedly strengthen your research in analyzing your personal inclination or not towards a franchise investment.

Once you have decided to take the next step and research the franchise industry, this book tells you what “you will see, feel and experience” as you research the thousands of franchise opportunities available to you, but help you narrow it down to a specific industry, category and type of franchise investment.

It assesses the type of franchisor-franchisee relationships you will encounter throughout your research process, which are paramount to understand for the future success of your franchise investment.

Leading from this system the book prepares you for the actualities of the franchise investigation process- the key people you should be contacting, key information/resources you should be accessing and the development of a “Six-Step Investigation Process” that will guide you to locating a perfect franchise opportunity that suits your personal and professional interests…

Not only does this book provide you with an insight into the reality of franchising it provides readers with the knowledge no other franchise book has revealed before- that is this book lets readers know about the real aspects of franchising, the information other books or websites usually avoid.

Franchising is exposed as it really is- and this is a good thing.

Use this book as your personal companion throughout your franchise research process and you are destined for franchise success…

Go on buy a ticket, and hop on that rollercoaster!

If you would like to purchase Joe Matthew’s e-book on-line please click on the book image below:

About the Authors…
Joe Mathews has worked as a franchising manager for Subway, Blimpie, Motophoto, and Entrepreneur Source. In 2002, Mathews founded the Franchise Performance Group and became a consultant, helping franchise companies excel in the business of franchising. Don DeBolt is former president of the International Franchise Association (IFA), one of the world’s oldest and largest trade associations representing the franchise community. Deb Percival works in franchise development and has an extensive background in writing. Before joining the world of franchising she worked in marketing for 20 years, owning her own public relations firm for 12 of those years.
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