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By Mary E. Tomzack

I reckon you have probably considered investing in a franchise or business opportunity for month's now and you are still unsure of all the peculiarities of a franchise operation and what your role will be within the business operation? Well, wonder no more! Mary E. Tomzack in her latest edition of "Tips and Traps When Buying a Franchise" unearths all the little problems you may encounter when you invest in a franchise and forewarns you of what to be aware of (traps) and what to keep in mind (tips) so that you get the best deal from your franchise business investment. Tomzack begins by introducing the franchise concept as it now operates in the 21st Century and what this means for potential franchisees hoping to invest in a business. Never before has franchising been so strong and considering the last few year's of economic prosperity- franchises have evolved into multiple operations combining many different franchise units. As Tomzack notes: "The franchisee of the 21st Century is very likely to be the owner and manager of a sizable corporate entity..."

So what does this signify for potential franchisees?


Simple! It signifies there is a lot of potential for single-unit franchisees to expand their business into multi-unit entities with the support of the franchisor. In addition, this means that you can build a very strong and profitable business or businesses within a short space of time. But how do you make sure you are getting the best business for your investment? Like many other franchise books I have reviewed the central issue in all of them is for potential franchisees to always choose a franchise industry they: a) have previous work experience in, or b) interests them or motivates them. One thing is certain- you must be passionate about the franchise you invest in… Once you have decided to invest in a particular franchise opportunity, what TIPS and TRAPS should you be aware of? This is where Tomzack’s book differentiates itself from any other franchise book I have read so far. Tomzack literally tells you the “tips” and “traps” to watch out for in the following franchise topics and many others :

1. The UFOC- what it tells you and what it does not tell you!

2. Financing your Business - who you should approach, how to approach them, what to ask, what not to ask and much more…

3. Choosing the right Location – what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a location for your business…

4. Business Bankruptcy - what if your franchise goes bust? How to avoid this happening and what to be aware of…

5. Franchise Trends – what franchise industry is currently booming? What franchise industry should your put your financial investment in to?

6. International Expansion - when to expand your business? How to expand your business internationally? The tips and the traps when expanding your franchise…


After reading Tomzack’s book I was left with the notion that I was after learning much more about the franchise industry than I ever thought possible. I was much more informed about the franchise industry and what to look out for and what to avoid when choosing and setting up a franchise. This book is easy to read and you can dip in and out of it when you want to explore a specific chapter on its own. It is definitely worth reading- even if you only want to know the tips and traps about the 6 points I mentioned above… Happy reading...
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About the Author…
Mary E. Tomzack is President of FranchiseHelp, online franchise industry portal. Ms. Tomzack was a part-owner in 2 franchised businesses, as well as the founder of a company that manufactured and marketed women's frangrances. Ms. Tomzack is also the author of Going Global: Strategies and Techniques for New Multi-Nationals. Both books can be purchased online from BEST FRANCHISE BOOKS




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