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Franchises Being Funny: A Look at April Fools’ Pranks Pulled by 3 Franchises

According to, April Fools’ Day, also known as All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for centuries by different cultures, but its exact origin is unknown. Running a prank is a tricky situation for a brand. Not only do they have to put the time and effort into the stunt, but they also have to balance the issue of consumer trust. Go too far and the company could actually do irreparable damage to its relationship with current and potential customers.


Despite the risks, some franchises have taken the plunge with their own April Fools’ Day pranks. Below we highlight a few of the most well-known.



The Taco Liberty Bell

Taco Bell Liberty Bell Hoax AdPhoto Credit:


The hallmark of franchise April Fools’ Day pranks happened in 1996. Taco Bell bought ads in several major newspapers, including the New York Times and USA Today touting that it had bought the Liberty Bell to help curb the national debt. The joke caused quite a stir leading to thousands of concerned citizens, and even some senators, inundating the National Park Service in Philadelphia with calls inquiring about the alleged purchase.


A “Left-Handed Whopper”

Burger King Left Handed Whopper April Fools Joke

Photo Credit: Entrepreneur


Burger King used a 1998 USA Today ad to announce the addition of a brand-new “Left-Handed Whopper” to its menu. According to the ad, the new burger had “all condiments rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the sandwich so that the bulk of the condiments will skew to the left, thereby reducing the amount of lettuce and other toppings from spilling out the right side of the burger.” Thousands of customers went to restaurants to request the new sandwich. Conversely, according to Burger King, “many others requested their own 'right handed' version.”


Domino’s Canned Pizza and Reheating Pouch

Domino’s went to Japan for its April 1, 2013 prank, which featured two parts. The first part involved the Domino’s Japan website offering canned pizza that could be enjoyed anywhere for 401 yen (get it? The date 4-01).


Domino's Japan Canned Pizza April Fools Joke

Photo Credit: Brand Eating


The second part of the hoax involved a pouch that was “coming soon” which could be used to reheat a pizza slice to taste like it was fresh out of the oven. (Honestly, this concept seems like it could become reality doesn’t it?)


Domino's Japan Reheating Pouch April Fools JokePhoto Credit: Brand Eating

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