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Going Green is Good for Franchises...

For most small and medium sized franchise businesses, environmental concerns can take a backseat to the very real need to ensure profitability, sustainability and growth of the franchise business. However, most franchisors and franchisees are unaware of the advantages of going green can have for the long term profitability and success of the franchise.

In many cases, you can actively reduce your businesses "carbon footprint" without costing your business much money. Not only will you benefit from introducing green initiatives to your business by saving money on energy and heating bills, but you will also increase your consumer base.

Take a look at the following inexpensive but highly effective green business measures you can introduce:

Woman holding a plant1. Make sure all lights are switched off when leaving the workplace and turn the thermostat down by 1 degree and you will cut your heating bills by uo to 10%.

2. Computers should be switched off when not in use. Millions of dollars are wasted each year by PC's left on unnecessarily.

3. Fitting low cost energy light bulbs which can last for 8,000 hours will have a dramatic impact on your savings for your electricity bills.

4. Encourage staff to only print documents and emails when absolutely necessary and re-use paper that’s printed on one side.

5. Set up a company recycling scheme for all recyclable waste and instead of disposable foam cups for coffee and plastic cups for water, use reusable cups and glasses.

6. Encourage staff to use public transport. Or set up company organized car-sharing schemes; grants or loans for bicycles and secure on-site parking can all help minimize the carbon damage created by commuting.

7. Franchise businesses with fleets of vehicles should consider investing in biodiesel about 60% less carbon than normal.

8. Better use of IT in the office can reduce the money spent on business travel expenses and the carbon omission. Why not set up video conferencing in your work place, which reduces the need for colleagues to travel and increases your business profitability.

9. Re-use and recycle electrical equipment and reduce the amount going to landfills. Old computers can be donated to charity for use in developing countries but make sure you securely delete sensitive data before recycling.

10. Other unwanted office furniture ad supplies can be sold- perhaps on eBay, an online resource for giving items away.

By implementing energy saving measures in your workplace and providing incentives for your staff to cooperate with your "green business" initiatives will save you up to:

- 20% on your bills;

- enhance your business reputation as a "builder of eco-friendly measures" and;

- drastically cut your carbon footprint. Industry analysts argue that not only will you save money on your energy bills by introducing some of the measures outlined afore, but you will also increase your brand recognition with consumers.

According to industry analysts, consumers regularly contemplate about their own carbon footprint and how they can make a difference to tackling climate change. These consumers, as a result are more likely to buy from a company they think is taking action to tackle climate change than a business that is not.

So if you've turned green, or you are going to turn green, you should shout about it and you could boost your profits...

View the following eco-friendly franchises that are making these changes for the better:

Catridge World;

Clean Air Lawn Care;



Pizza Fusion...

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