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Green Businesses – Good for the Environment and Entrepreneurs

“Going Green” is a hot topic today, with people scrutinizing how their lifestyles impact our world’s resources. And when consumers start paying attention to an issue, there will soon be businesses springing up that cater to public demand. Though still a new phenomenon, the trend is gaining sufficient momentum to drive a surge in “green franchises” – eco-friendly companies that either offer products and services that improve environmental quality, or that engage in business practices developed to minimize any negative environmental repercussions.

One of the first industries where “green franchising” has caught on is cleaning companies. A quick search at Google for cleaning services brings up a host of residential cleaning businesses that shun the use of toxic chemicals when performing ordinary house cleaning chores. More and more homeowners don’t want strong, smelly, “industrial strength” cleaning agents used on their household goods. Two examples of “green” cleaning franchises are KWIK DRY and Oxi Fresh, which use all-natural “oxygenated” cleaning systems for carpets.

But if cleaning is not your thing, there are many other opportunities to engage in “green franchising” without having to invent a whole new industry. Any of the junk removal businesses, like College Hunks Hauling Junk, can be considered “green” since these help people properly dispose of potential hazardous materials.

Trash reduction goes beyond simple household junk removal. The proliferation of computers in business and at home is generating massive amounts of potentially toxic trash in the form of empty ink cartridges. Once empty, they’re not broken, but people still toss the plastic containers into the garbage. Cartridge World and Rapid Refill Ink are two “green” franchises that help reduce all that plastic junk from filling landfills, while saving consumers and business some money by simply refilling the empty cartridges with ink.

Pollution prevention is definitely “green” and there are several ways to break into the business. Pizza Fusion is a “green pizza restaurant franchise” that has recently won an award from C0-op America (June 2007) for its eco-friendly restaurants and delivery service vehicles. Clean Air Lawn Care is an eco-friendly lawn service franchise reducing air pollution using electrcal lawn equipment, harnessing the power of clean energy technologies.

Another “green franchising” opportunity can be found in the home décor industry. It may not seem obvious at first, but what people hang on their windows can dramatically affect home energy use. Blinds, shutters, shades and drapes that block out summer heat and winter cold reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and heating. Made in the Shade is one such franchise that offer custom window treatments and can help homeowners adapt a more “green” lifestyle through energy reduction.

There are many ways break into a “green” business. Look for more “green” franchises to appear on the scene to meet the demand for eco-friendly lawn services, dry cleaning, food preparation, home improvement, and health and beauty products. “Green” is not a fad that is going away, but will continue to grow with plenty of room for entrepreneurs eager to get on board and profit from the “green” machine.

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