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Latest Franchise Direct Top 100 Global Franchises Report Now Available

Factors such as the continued supportive role of technology has allowed the franchise industry to expand around the globe in unprecedented ways.  Some of the franchise businesses that have succeeded at reaching this year’s Top 100 Global Franchises Report have earned their place based on a number of specific criteria, with each aspect highlighting a world-class enterprise. top100global_banner.jpg This year’s report covers how global franchising is changing to date, international markets that are experiencing expansive success and interest from investors, as well as some of the latest franchise industries that are making headway internationally with an increased show of prospective franchisee interest.  The reasons behind the success of some of this year’s chart toppers are linked not only to the number of new locations opened worldwide but also to adaptations franchise systems make to remain relevant in an ever changing world.


One example of this found in the report is 7-Eleven, a long standing international franchise that continues to alter its stripes to better blend with the scene of franchising as it changes.  According to the report, “7-Eleven is nonetheless growing and experiencing certain transitions to alter its array of merchandise. Evolving beyond primary commodities of gasoline, cigarettes and snacks, the convenience store is making moves to become more of a destination rather than a stop along the way.”  These changes to the overall concept of a franchise and the foundation of its operation reflect the innovation necessary to succeed in a global market over time.  In this case, such innovation reflects a willingness to jump into food service options for visiting customers to move beyond the typical product selection of former years, adapting to demand and a changing food service industry. The “Honorable Mention” section of this year’s report features franchise systems that fall into the 101-125 bracket, some of which having improved previous year ranking, and focuses on honoring the up and coming franchises that may very well reach the 1-100 bracket into the future.  The number of successful franchise systems making waves in terms of global expansion and the other various criteria could easily move up from this bracket in subsequent years, which indicates the ever changing franchise system across the world and the opportunities that still exist.  Though the Top Ten remains largely unchanged, with 9/10 franchises enjoying the same 1-10 rank as last year, the fact that any change from year to year occurs certainly highlights the dynamic nature of franchising. As the result of a focused compilation effort taking place over several months, the Franchise Direct team delivers this report to potential and existing franchisees and franchisors, industry professionals, and anyone interested in the global franchise industry.  Detailed information within the report is valuable to both potential and existing franchisees and franchisors who wish to further consider how internationally successful enterprises are established and sustained year after year.  What makes a successful franchise and how do some of these franchise systems stay at the top year after year?  What can franchising in general learn from reports such as this and how can this contribute to excellence in franchising regardless of the sector or country in which franchises operate? To see this year’s Top 100 Global Franchises Report, to view the ranking, and to learn more about the methodology that Franchise Direct adheres to each year during data compilation, click here.
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