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Part-Time & Remote Location Gig Seekers Can Transform into Franchisees

Whatever the reasons for seeking out part-time work, be they related to family or career obligations, many look to acquire sufficient income along with sufficient flexibility to best manage all the needs of their household. Home-based franchises and semi-absentee arrangements are often attractive options available in numerous sectors.


Of the thousands of franchising opportunities available, a growing portion, though still relatively small, allow for management via virtual location and therefore a personalized schedule to best suit today’s professionals.


The growth of home-based franchising is often visible throughout service franchise concepts. This is no doubt the case because certain areas of the industry work well with home-based management of a business without the need for any additional office or retail space.


Part-Time & Remote Location Gig Seekers Can Transform into Franchisees

Some of the top sectors that professionals find offering home-based management also involve lower fixed overhead expenses, so running the franchise day in and day out costs much less overall. Key advantages include portability, so work can go where you go and requires no fixed location.


Home inspection franchises are one sector that provides franchise partners a business model fit for online and remote management, and these concepts are by no means only suitable for male franchisees. Many stay-at-home mothers who’ve left behind a career for a time are investigating and joining franchise systems for the reliable brand name and standardized training, even in fields often thought to be male dominated. Some franchise opportunities allow mothers to continue devoting the majority of their time to childcare responsibilities while still earning a living.


For those already in part-time positions, or for those seeking a way to stay in one while running a business, franchised home-based businesses can at times allow for both full and part time schedules. Researching a particular franchise system in advance will provide information about what time requirements may apply.


Home-based franchises do not necessarily mean part-time schedule requirements. It can appear that working from home requires a lesser time requirement, though this is a misconception. Entering into a home-based franchise can require new franchisees to work from 60-70 hours per week from the start.


Nonetheless, the benefit of working from home or from a flexible location can, in and of itself, be a truly positive aspect of running a business. Many franchisees seeking this kind of flexibility are also interested in or able to devote at least the standard 40 hours per week, though even more may be required, at least initially.


Part-time gigs in franchising are often available with a few franchises that allow for manager-run locations that are essentially semi-absentee arrangements or remote investor. This arrangement can work where a franchisee provides ongoing oversight for one or a few franchise locations while on-site staff handles the rest. Operating numerous locations though, even under a semi-absentee arrangement, can increase the likelihood of a full-time work requirement.


The demands of running a business well often do require full-time presence, though some franchises allow for part-time requirements where the concept is an add-on business, or where serving customers and clients well may really only require a minimum time investment. Potential franchisees must ask a lot of questions and perform detailed research to determine which franchise concepts are compatible with their needs and goals. 

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