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Should You Investigate Highly-Specialized Franchise Opportunities?

EDITOR NOTE: This is a post from The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. Joel will be writing a blog post monthly for Franchise Direct.


Some business experts feel you should only look at franchise opportunities that you have knowledge of…that you have experience with.


For example, if you know a lot about dogs, some experts suggest that you look into franchise opportunities that specialize in all things “dog.” Like dog training franchises, pet-sitting franchises, things like that. Other experts (like me) feel that it doesn’t matter if you know something about a franchise opportunity.


Woman Training Her Dog


That’s why I encourage my clients to look for opportunities that align with what they’re good at…with their top skills, instead of only focusing on business types they know a lot about.   


For example, if I’m working with someone who tells me they’re great at sales, I encourage them to look at all the franchise opportunities that will allow them to use their sales skills. Make sense? You can always learn about the intricacies of a specific business. After all, you’ll be formally trained when you become the owner of a franchise. And, there will be oodles of information in your operations manual.


But, what about looking at franchise opportunities that are in areas of business that you absolutely know nothing about? Should you look into them?


A Highly-Specialized Franchise Business

Before I became involved in franchising, I knew nothing about disaster clean-up and restoration businesses. And, that’s a good thing. Allow me to explain…


I hope I’m not about to jinx myself here-please don’t tell my wife about this article, but I’ve never rented or owned a house that got hit by a hurricane or a tornado. I’ve never experienced a flood…and all the damage associated with one. I’ve never had a house or business fire. That’s why it’s a “good thing” I didn’t know anything about disaster clean-up and restoration franchises.


The disaster clean-up and restoration business is a highly-specialized type of business. There is a lot specialized equipment that’s used. There are even certifications that you the franchise owner…or at least some or all of your technicians will have to have in order to get called on by insurance companies.


One of them is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This non-profit organization, used industry-wide, certifies and develops certifications and standards for inspection, cleaning and restoration.


I’m sure you know a lot about the organization. And, I’ll bet you know a lot about restoring damaged carpet and the like.


Businessman Choosing the Right Door

I’m kidding. My point is that you don’t have to know anything about disaster clean-up and restoration business in order to be a successful owner.


What you do have to know is how to develop new business. You’ll need to know how to sell your services. You’ll have to be comfortable networking in your community.


Will you have to know how to use all of the specialized drying and restoration equipment used in your business? You bet. You’ll be thoroughly trained on how to use it. As will your employees.


The bottom line is this: You don’t necessarily have to have intimate knowledge of the franchise business opportunity you’re interested in learning more about. You just have to have the right skills needed run the businesses you’re looking into.


Is a disaster cleanup and restoration franchise right for you? I have no idea. I chose that business type to illustrate a point. I hope I succeeded.


Be open to the possibilities. There are so many of them out there.  


The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, is a franchise ownership advisor and the author of several books on franchising including these eBooks.

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