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Three Ways Food Franchising Brands Boost Credentials

What is meant by the term “credentials” when it comes to customers in the world of franchising?Credentials can be defined as entitlement to privilege, with the privilege in this case being the hard earned loyalty of consumers. So food franchising operators can become entitled to the privilege of loyal customers through strategic decision making that focuses on customer needs.

What customers enjoy, where they like to enjoy it, and how they like to enjoy it are powerful points of consideration that jump start campaigns to reach customers. They are points often analyzed by marketing gurus across the many franchise industries, whether the franchise system is small, medium, or large; whether city based, regional, state-wide, across the US, or working the global franchising scene.

How are full and quick service food industry franchises boosting their credentials in specific sectors?

Catering to Off-Premises Purchases AKA Delivery

A wide range of food franchises could benefit from investigating just why the industry has seen growth in off-premises food purchases recently, which is the hallmark of pizza franchise operation and has been for some time.  Occupied customers like it when restaurants respect their time, it’s that simple. Delivering food to customers at their location of choice, or offering take out options that reduce the time needed to acquire a delicious meal are key ways that food franchises are boosting their credentials with local consumers.

Perhaps growth in this area can be linked to the increasing popularity of ordering online, where customers can click and purchase with the end goal of simplifying life with front door delivery versus time spent shopping in person. Either way, food lovers interested in eating out are looking for ways to simplify and franchises that offer convenient ways to satisfy hunger are paid even more attention through off-premises services.

Incorporating Conscious-Consumer-Friendly Menu Options

CCF menu options are growing in importance for many food operators due to customers looking for more convenient food services, as stated above, that are also sustainable, organic, or customized to any number of selective appetites. Selective eaters are looking for menus with even more meat-free options, meat-centered meals based on organic animal agriculture, and sustainable fishing certification. By considering these customers, food franchises can choose to alter menus accordingly, even if it means incorporating just one or two new options. Those one or two new options can bring in selective eating customers who would not have otherwise inquired.

Boosting credentials with conscious consumers means creating a food service establishment that caters to consumer desire to eat in a way that requires minimal impact on environment. Thus customers of this variety engage in some forethought prior to ordering and order with a purpose, making them perhaps even more likely to return again and again based on their convictions about how they spend money on food.


Adapting Food Franchises for Educational Scene and Young Demographic

Setting up on college and university campuses to offer food services creates credentials with loyal customers who visit campus regularly. Serving food where it’s needed, in close proximity to classrooms and offices, means access to a wide variety of customers, from professors to students. With a clear interest growing toward healthier eating trends, the college and university customer base seeks a flexible food service station. Variety is king, and the previous two points augmented with this final point can boost credentials even more with education-focused crowds.  


Creating menus that offer variety for selective eaters, as well as a service setup that enables customers to order from their office or local surrounding areas such as college dorm rooms or apartments, can build credentials with college crowds that last many years. This can work well with long standing or incoming locals as the population changes with each passing term.     

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