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Time To Rethink The World Of Franchising?

At a time when so much of our normal lives are being reconsidered, it was fascinating to read the thoughts of Jim Amos, CEO of Tasti D-Lite and Planet Smoothie, on his blog, suggesting a quite radical rethink of the world of franchising.

When you think of the Occupy movement and the serious change brought on by the economic collapse of Wall Street in 2008, it's worth realizing that we live at a time that nearly everything in the country is being reconsidered. So what not franchising? Interstingly, Amos has many intriguing suggestions for improving how franchising works.

Among his main ideas are a rethinking of the FDD, a new role for the IFA, and an overall suggestion of making franchising more 'empowering' for franchisees and customers. Here's a sample of this highly-engaging article:

What is coming is the full empowerment of individuals by making them more independent of controlling organizations and better able to engage with them. The primary driver is a new field called VRM or vendor relationship management that works on the demand side of the marketplace as opposed to CRM or customer relationship management on the supply side. Franchisees, like customers, are no longer going to be viewed as targets to acquire, control, manage and lock in. And while business is enamored with “big data” that is gathered by tracking files in browsers and smart phone apps without the knowledge of the customer, the collection of this data is as insane as it is for the customer to continue to allow it to happen, and they will not do so indefinitely.

That is the purpose of VRM, and by changing their contact information only once, everyone will be able to access many vendors at one time, cover multiple web sites simultaneously, and set their own policies, preferences and terms. As Doc Searls stated in the Wall Street Journal, “You will no longer have to accept agreements that aren’t worth reading because as we all know, they cover the other party’s butt but expose your own.”

There's so much to think about in this article. We recommend you read it today.

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