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Face of Franchising is an interview series launched by Franchise Direct in August 2014 that offers a more inside look at the opening and, in some cases, the daily running of a franchise. Through interviews with franchisors, franchisees, and other industry professionals, we get into the deep fundamentals of franchise life, learning about the business, how it succeeds, and even how it overcomes challenges. Each interview is designed so that the audience can have a proper introduction and get a good look at what these companies have to offer.

Rita Goldberg, Founder of British Swim School

British Swim School

The classes taught at British Swim School locations have been proven to prevent child drowning and make swimming a fun and enjoyable experience for kids around the world. Franchise founder Rita Goldberg has spent over 30 years developing unique teaching methods that save children's lives without franchisees getting involved in commercial pool construction. Read her interview to learn more. To visit the British Swim School's profile, click here.

Dave Price, Director of Operations of VINCI Preschool

VINCI Preschool

In this interview, we hear from VINCI Preschool Director of Operations Dave Price who tells us about the need VINCI Preschool fills in communities across the country, the state of the education industry, the day-to-day activities of VINCI preschool owners, and more. To visit VINCI Preschool's profile, click here.

Lauren Humm Fakete, President of IM=X Pilates and Fitness

IM=X Pilates and Fitness

Founded by Elyse McNergney in 1994 to meet the demand for pilates-style fitness in the mainstream fitness industry, IM=X offers pilates, cycling, yoga, ballet bar, and cardio-inspired workouts. A former professional dancer, marathon runner and triathlete, IM=X Pilates and Fitness President Lauren Humm Fakete started with the franchise in 2010. In her interview, Lauren talks about the tools and training IM=X provides to its franchisees. To visit the IM=X Pilates and Fitness profile, click here.

Blaine Young, Franchise Development Manager for NaturaLawn of America


For years, NaturaLawn franchisees have benefited from the franchise's brand recognition as well as its exclusive and proprietary line of organic-based products. In this interview with Franchise Development Manager Blaine Young, we find out about the secrets to NaturaLawn of America's success, the company's upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations, and more. To visit the NaturaLawn's profile, click here.

Scott Walker, Co-Founder and CEO/President of Screenmobile


Scott Walker's family started Screenmobile in its California family garage in 1980. In over three decades, the franchise has grown from a tent trailer to over 100 franchises across the U.S. Find out more about the franchise and what's next in its expansion plans in Scott's interview. To visit Screenmobile's profile, click here.

Frank de Lucia, Executive Vice President of Development of Lice Clinics of America

Lice Clinics of America

Did you know? 1 in 20 elementary aged kids has head lice at any given time. Lice Clinics of America provides a vital hygiene service to communities with a safe, effective treatment solution that is FDA cleared. Frank de Lucia, executive vice president of development, is responsible for ensuring business operators can confidently run their clinic. Find out more about the business opportunity in his interview. To visit the Lice Clinics of America's profile, click here.

Jason Olsen, Founder of Image Studios 360

Image Studios 360

The Image Studios 360 concept is like a mini-mall of hair salons all under one roof, where the franchisee serves as the landlord. Jason Olsen, the founder of Image Studios 360, tells us about the salon industry, why the traditional salon model needed to be disrupted, what the franchise looks for in franchise owners, and what franchisees can expect. To visit the Image Studios 360 profile, click here.

A.J. MacQuarrie, Founder and CEO of KarmaBox Vending

KarmaBox Vending

KarmaBox Vending wants to change the way people view vending machine food. Offering snacks, beverages and care products in earth-friendly packages dubbed "KarmaBoxes," the business opportunity is anticipating doubling the amount of cities it operates in across the country within the next year. In this interview with A.J. MacQuarrie, founder and CEO of KarmaBox Vending, you will learn about this "Karmatunity". To visit KarmaBox Vending's profile, click here.

Paul Linenberg, President of Gotcha Covered

Gotcha Covered

Gotcha Covered’s all-inclusive window covering franchise system features no cold calling and can be home-based. In this interview Paul Linenberg, president of the franchise, tells us how the franchise came to be, what it looks for franchisees, and how it supports those franchisees differently than others in the industry. To visit Gotcha Covered's profile, click here.

Sharon DiMinico, Founder and CEO of Learning Express Toys

Learning Express Toys

Sharon DiMinico founded Learning Express Toys after finding it hard to find development-oriented toys for her kids. Now, after almost 30 years at play, this specialty children's retail franchise has grown to more than 120 stores in 27 states, making it the largest and most established specialty toy franchise business in America. Find out more about the franchise opportunity in this interview. To visit Learning Express Toys' profile, click here.

Bill Jones, Co-Founder of iCRYO Enterprises


The iCRYO franchise grew out of its beginnings as a add on service to a physical therapy center to become its own unique business model. The goal for co-founders Kyle and Bill Jones is to bring cryotherapy to the world and making it a globally accessible treatment for medical rehabilitation, fitness recovery, athletic performance and cosmetic purposes. Read Bill's interview to find out more. To visit the iCRYO profile, click here.

Josh Cohen, founder of The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers has provided an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional junk removal for homes and businesses since 2004. Franchise founder Josh Cohen tells us about the franchise's environmental efforts, franchisee support system, and more. To visit the The Junkluggers profile, click here.

Scott Bortz, Founder and CEO of Hard Bean Café

Hard Bean Café

The founder and CEO of Hard Bean Cafe, Scott Bortz, feels his concept is better as a business opportunity than a franchise. Find out the reason why, and how Hard Bean sets itself apart from its competitors in this interview. To visit Hard Bean Cafe's profile, click here.

Christian Collucci, EVP and Director of Instant Imprints

Instant Imprints

Business and organizations use Instant Imprints when they want to be more visible to their customers, users, or members. Christian Collucci is the executive vice president and director of the franchise, and in this interview he gives us more info on the company that combines multiple businesses into one efficient business model. To visit the Instant Imprints profile, click here.

Lyle Myers, President of RedLine Athletics Franchising

Redline Athletics

Founded by a former professional baseball player, Redline Athletics is a sport-specific training facility developed to help young athletes ages 8-18 become stronger, faster and more powerful. In this interview, Lyle Myers, president of franchising, tells us what Redline looks for in new franchisees and what support systems corporate has to help franchisees succeed. To visit the Redline Athletics profile, click here.

Phil Dushey, Founder of the Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training Program

The Global Financial Training Program business opportunity is part of an industry that fills a critical need between large institutional lenders and the millions of small businesses that need money every year. In this interview, Phil Dushey, the founder of the program, tells us about the comprehensive program he has developed that includes everything a person needs to own their own finance company - even if they don't have previous finance industry experience. To visit the Global Financial Training Program profile, click here.

Ray Febik, President of The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach offers an award-winning coaching system with a focus on business and sales coaching for small and medium size businesses. Franchisees in the system come from backgrounds that "span the spectrum". Read the interview with Ray Fabik, company president, to learn what sets The Growth Growth apart from other strategic coaching businesses in such a highly competitive industry. To visit The Growth Coach profile, click here.

Christopher Seman, President of Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions is a senior transition services franchise and, according to its President Christopher Seman, is dedicated to purpose with a profit. He says, the franchise is "the best of both worlds in a growing and dynamic market". Read Christopher's interview to learn more about the demand for the service and other things a potential Caring Transitions franchisee should know. To visit Caring Transitions' profile, click here.

Cory Chalmers, President and Founder of Steri-Clean Inc.


You've seen Steri-Clean's work on the Emmy-nominated TV show Hoarders. Cory Chalmers founded the franchise he now serves as president of after seeing the void he saw working as a firefighter/paramedic. In this interview, Cory tells us about the gap this biohazard cleanup and hoarding cleanup franchise fills, and why it can be "extremely rewarding". To visit Steri-Clean's profile, click here.

Tom Weisheipl, Speed Queen's Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is a leader in the coin laundry space. In this interview, Tom Weisheipl, Speed Queen's Midwest Regional Sales Manager, tells us how he and Speed Queen corporate work with investors to set up their businesses. He also explains why the laundromat industry didn't have to bounce back from as far down as other industries after the "great recession". To visit Speed Queen's profile, click here.

Mike Harris, Pet Passages Founder and President

Pet Passages

There is no more delicate time for a person than time immediately following the passing of a loved one, including pets. Pet Passages is one of the franchises dedicated to helping in this time of need. Mike Harris, founder and president of the franchise, tells us in this interview about the demand for this type of service, and his personal reasons for starting the company. To visit Pet Passages profile, click here.

Sean Young, Director of Corporate Development for The Glass Guru

The Glass Guru

Specializing in glass restoration, repair and replacement, The Glass Guru has been franchising for less than 10 years and is already over 80 locations across North America. Sean Young, the Director of Corporate Development for The Glass Guru, tells us in his interview what sets The Glass Guru apart from its competition - and ways first time franchisees trip themselves up. To visit The Glass Guru's profile, click here.

Danny Rivera, President of Meineke Car Care Centers


A highly recognizable and trusted brand in franchising, Meineke has been an industry leader for over 40 years. Read the full interview to find out how the perspective from a tech background helps Meineke Car Care President Danny Rivera keep the auto franchise ahead of the game, as well as what to expect when becoming a Meineke franchisee. To visit the Meineke's profile, click here.

Jason Ryan, President of Maaco


Maaco has built a reputation as North America’s premiere body shop, the leader in the over $40 billion automotive paint and collision industry. Company President Jason Ryan has been with the auto franchise since 2003. Read the interview here to read why he says the automotive cosmetic market is a good industry for a prospective franchisee, and what the Maaco support system encompasses. To visit Maaco's profile, click here.

Guy Guthrie, Vice President of Franchise Sales for Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

In 1991, Kenny Moore began Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries with $500. Now, the food franchise is scheduled to open 1,000 locations over the next decade, in addition the over 120 that are already open. In this interview with Guy Guthrie, Vice President of Franchise Sales, you will find out what Hwy 55 looks for in franchisees, and how the franchise inspires loyalty from its customers. To visit the Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries profile, click here.

Jeff Parker, Founder and CEO of FRESH - Healthy Café

FRESH - Healthy Café

FRESH was born in 2005 and now has restaurants throughout North America and worldwide. Founder and CEO Jeff Parker recently did an interview with us, explaining the niche the healthy food franchise fills in a very diverse and competitive food franchise market. Click here to read the in-depth interview! To visit the FRESH - Healthy Café profile, click here.

Ray Munoz, General Manager of Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops

Merlin 200,000 Mile Shop

Ray Munoz has been with automotive franchise Merlin since 2002. In his role of General Manager, he wears many hats building vendor relationships, overseeing the marketing messages being presented to the public, as well as working with the operating team and franchisees to ensure shops are getting the most out of the Merlin Operating System. Read the interview here to find out more about the Merlin franchise experience. To visit the Merlin 200,000 Mile Shop franchise profile, click here.

Brannan Lahoda, President of Drive N Style

Drive N Style

Drive N Style is the industry leader in automotive reconditioning, offering its interior and exterior services to auto dealerships, body shops, rental agencies, auto auctions, warranty companies, and consumers. Read the interview with Brand President Brannan Lahoda for a discussion on the future of the vehicle appearance and reconditioning industry, and the advantages of joining the mobile, turn-key franchise. To visit the Drive N Style profile, click here.

Michael Riley, Senior Vice President of Ziebart


With 400 locations in 33 countries and over 800 processing centers worldwide, Ziebart is a world leader in automotive services that protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. Michael Riley came to Ziebart in 1985 as the Sales and Service Manager in a company owned store. Now, he's in charge of Ziebart's franchise growth in the U.S. and Latin Americas as Senior Vice President. Read the interview here to learn about the dedication Ziebart encouages in its local communities, and how the brand continues to hone its processes after over 50 years running. To visit Ziebart's profile, click here.

Scott Been, Founder of Credit Repair Nerds

Credit Repair Nerds

This interview is a four-for-one! First, you'll get some background on the Credit Repair Nerds business opportunity from Scott Been, the founder of Credit Repair Nerds. Then, you'll meet 3 Credit Repair Nerds licensees: James Chapman, Jennifer Reynolds and Jury Becerra, who share their experiences since joining Credit Repair Nerds and their advice for anyone thinking about becoming a licensee. To visit the Credit Repair Nerds profile, click here.

Bill Henry, Steamatic franchisee in California

Steamatic (California)

Being in business for over 20 years is something to be proud of. Bill Henry been a Steamatic franchisee since 1994. In his interview, Bill tells us about the multiple hats he wears at his franchise, and the advice he gives to those wanting to run a Steamatic franchise of their own. He also discusses the support available from the corporate office. To visit Steamatic's profile, click here.

Marcus Benoit, Steamatic franchisee in North Dakota

Steamatic (North Dakota)

With two Steamatic franchises in Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota, Marcus Benoit says the cleaning and restoration business is in his blood. Read his thoughts on why running his cleaning and restoration franchise gives him the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives during challenging times. Click here to visit Steamatic's profile.

Michael Arrowsmith, Chief Development Officer at Captain D’s

Captain D's

Captain D's is one of the stalwart brands in food franchising. But you may have noticed the brand has underwent a number of changes in the past few years. Michael Arrowsmith, the seafood restaurant's chief development officer, tells us about the changes to the look and menu that led to record system-wide average unit volume in 2015 -- and has the franchise re-energized for its future. Read the interview here, and to visit the Captain D's profile, click here.

Michael Mendoza, Maid Simple franchisee

Maid Simple

Michael Mendoza took advantage of the Maid Simple franchise to "build a successful business and enjoy my growing family". Read the interview here to read about Michael's franchise relationship with Maid Simple that has gone four years and counting. To visit the Maid Simple profile, click here.

Rob White, VP and Brand Leader of Renew Crew

Renew Crew

Renew Crew VP and Brand Leader Rob White is directly responsible for setting up franchisees to operate their home maintenance franchise. Since 1993, Renew Crew has grown from only wood cleaning services to a full range of exterior upkeep services -- that happen to be eco-friendly as well. Read the interview here to learn about what it’s like to be a Renew Crew franchisee. To visit the Renew Crew profile, click here.

Mike Reeder, Archadeck Vice President, Brand Leader


Over the past 15 years, Mike Reeder has gone from franchisee with Archadeck to a member of its corporate team. In his current role, Mike is tasked with shaping and growing the outdoor living design and construction brand. Read the interview here to find out what Archadeck seeks in new franchisees, and what advice Mike would give to those wanting to give franchise ownership a go. To visit Archadeck's profile, click here.

Boyd Huneycutt, Founder, Franchise Support Member of Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad

It's no surprise that Mosquito Squad is one of America’s fastest growing franchise concepts. The franchise helps people get rid of unwanted pests and enjoy the outdoors more. In this interview, Boyd Honeycutt, founder and franchise support member, tells us about his role in helping franchisees be the best franchisees they can be. Read the interview here! To visit the Mosquito Squad profile, click here.

Dan White, Founder and CEO of Growler USA

Growler USA

Growler USA combines America's love of craft beer with the power of franchising. The franchise is the vision of founder and CEO Dan White, who launched the microbrew pub in 2013. Find out more about the pub, which already has locations in development from Boston to Honolulu in Dan's interview here! To visit Growler USA's profile, click here.

Erin Zide, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchisee

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Erin Zide is a franchisee of not one, but two Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is North America’s largest full-service outdoor landscape and architectural lighting provider. Read the interview to learn about Erin's journey. For more about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, click here.

Colin Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Franchising & Development of School of Rock

School of Rock

In his role of Vice President of Franchising & Development for School of Rock, Colin Fitzpatrick is responsible for all aspects of franchising and development, and oversees the full spectrum of expansion efforts for the music education franchise. In this interview Colin discusses what School of Rock looks for in recruiting franchisees for its globally-recognized brand, whose mission is to bring more music and art to the world. To visit the School of Rock profile, click here.

Re-Bath Logo


David Duke became a Re-Bath franchisee after a two-decade career in the printing industry. In his success story interview, he tells the story of why he decided to enter the world of franchising, and why the bathroom remodeling franchise is the right fit for him. To visit Re-Bath's profile, click here.

Patrick Phillips, Founder and CEO of American Business Systems

American Business Systems

American Business Systems is a business opportunity that started in 1994 by providing an important, but relatively untapped service in the market. Now, it's no secret that medical billing is a highly profitable industry. Read the interview with founder and CEO Patrick Phillips to learn about the largest company of its kind nationwide. To visit the profile for American Business Systems, click here.

Zach Nolte, Chief Development Officer of Kitchen Solvers

Kitchen Solvers

Kitchen remodeling is a 75 billion dollar market - and you don't need to be a home improvement guru to take part in it. In his interview, Zach Nolte, Chief Development Officer, explains to us why Kitchen Solvers should not be looked at as a remodeling company but more of a sales and marketing company. Read te interview here! To visit the Kitchen Solvers profile, click here.

Mary Obana, President and Co-Founder of Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub

The passion Mary Obana has for Koko FitClub is clear. She is one of the co-founders of the fitness franchise, which was founded in 2008 as "a better way to get in shape". Read the interview here to learn about why Koko is considered a digital training gym, and how its Koko Smartraining System solves the problems visitors have with other gym systems. To visit the Koko FitClub profile, click here.

Scott Kummel, Director of Franchise Sales

Touching Hearts at Home

In his role as Director of Franchise Sales, Scott Kummel works closely with potential franchisees, helping those interested in the home care business decide if senior care and Touching Hearts at Home is a good fit for them. Read the interview here! To visit Touching Hearts at Home's profile, click here.

Jeff Krentman, The BBQ Cleaner

The BBQ Cleaner

Jeff Krentzman founded the BBQ Cleaner in 2006. The business opportunity uses bio-degradable, non toxic cleaning materials to restore BBQ grills to their best. Since 1994, the service has expanded successfully to over 265 global locations. Read more in our interview with Jeff! To visit The BBQ Cleaner profile, click here.

Nancy Williams, Certified Franchise Consultant

Certified Franchise Consultant

Nancy Williams, a former Director at Sprint for 14 years, left the company in 2014 to start her own franchise consulting business, NValuable Franchise Consulting. Her experience at Sprint, working closely with Sprint Prepaid Franchisees (Master Agent Program), inspired her to help women and minorities fulfill their dream of business ownership and being their own boss. Currently her portfolio holds close to 500 franchise brands across the country. One of those franchises is The Flying Locksmiths, whose interview you can read here! To visit The Flying Locksmiths profile, click here.

Charles Internicola

Franchise Lawyer

Usually, we speak to someone who works for a franchise. This time, we're getting the perspective of a franchise lawyer. A lot is written and said of the stages before and during the owning of a franchise, but what happens at the end of the franchise agreement? We spoke to Charles Internicola of the Internicola Law Firm for some details. Read the interview here!

Zoo Health Club

Zoo Health Club - Part 2

We recently caught up again with Judy Scott, Franchise Sales Director of the Zoo Health Club, and learned the specific reasons the fitness franchise believes it is in position for a great 2016. Read the interview here! To visit The Zoo Health and Fitness Club's profile, click here.

Digital Doc

Digital Doc

When an electronic device breaks, people need it fixed quickly. Some of these tech repair businesses people trust with their precious devices are franchises, like Digital Doc. In this interview, we speak to Matt Lucas, Director of Franchise Sales for the franchise. Read the interview here! To visit Digital Doc's profile, click here.

Tim Courtney


Tim Courtney, CFE is the vice president of franchise development for CruiseOne. He recently answered some questions for us about the home-based travel franchise, including why they receive interest from potential franchisees of all ages. Read the interview here! To visit CruiseOne's profile, click here.

Tom Kasbohm

Snap-on Tools

Tom Kasbohm has held multiple positions with Snap-on Tools in his over 20-year tenure with the auto franchise. In an interview, Tom tells about the roles he’s held with the company, and how the Snap-on goes about onboarding franchisees. Read the interview here! To visit Snap-on Tools' FDD profile, click here.

Pete Lindsey

Sport Clips

Sport Clips, the specialty hair salon catering to men and boys, uses a simple motto to expand: partner with like-minded people. In this interview, Vice President of Franchising Pete Lindsey tells us about the franchise's growth philosophy, and why international expansion has occurred at a slower pace for the brand compared to others. Read the interview here! To visit Sport Clips' profile, click here.

Cameron Cummins

Marco's Pizza

With Marco's Pizza – "it’s all about quality ingredients". Our first Face of Franchising interview of 2015 is with Cameron Cummins, Vice President of Marketing and Recruiting for Marco’s. Among the things he discusses with us are the steps Marco’s takes to keep the founder’s vision at the forefront of this fast-growing pizza chain. Read the interview here! To visit the profile for Marco's Pizza, click here.

Judy Scott

The Zoo Health Club

What is the #1 mistake long-time industry veteran and Franchise Sales Director Judy Scott sees new franchisees make? Find out the answer, and learn more about The Zoo Health Club – including what they look for in potential franchisees – in this interview! To visit The Zoo Health Club's profile, click here.

Brian Gross

Bach to Rock

Bach to Rock believes music education should be fun. To that end, it employs a team aspect to its lessons. Learn more about the franchise in this interview with Bach to Rock president Brian Gross. Read the interview here! To visit Bach to Rock's profile, click here.

Kevin Drudge


In this interview, we speak with Kevin Drudge , vice president of franchising for AdvantaClean. He tells about the company's beginnings, the interesting niche the cleaning franchise operates in, and what their ideal franchisee is like. Read the interview here! To visit AdvantaClean's profile, click here.

Publik Draft House

For the series debut we visited Publik Draft House, the successful gastropub in Atlanta owned and run by Eddie Johnson. Determined Eddie has a real passion for the catering industry, and we see how he and his general manager, chef and servers work together "like family" to achieve the same goals. Find out more about Publik Draft House here.


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