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Amazing Lash Studio Franchise Costs & Fees

Date of Incorporation: 2010
Franchising Since: 2013
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Business Description: The franchisor is Amazing Lash Studio Franchise, LLC. The franchisor sells franchises for the establishment and operation of retail salon businesses specializing in luxury semi-permanent and temporary eyelash extensions and related products and services.

Franchise Offer: The franchise offered is for a retail salon business utilizing the “Amazing Lash Studio” concept and the franchisor’s business operating system to provide luxury semi-permanent and temporary eyelash extensions and related products and services.

Financial Assistance: The franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing, and it does not guarantee franchisees’ notes, leases or other obligations.

Training and Assistance: At least 3 months before the opening of the Amazing Lash Studio business, the franchisee’s Principal Owner and General Manager (if different from the Principal Owner) must have attended and completed the initial management training program to the franchisor’s satisfaction. The training program will be conducted at the franchisor’s offices in Scottsdale, Arizona. The franchisor may require the Principal Owner, General Manager and assistant managers to attend additional training programs and seminars from time to time.

Territory: The Franchise Agreement gives franchisees the right to operate an Amazing Lash Studio business at a site the franchisor accepts as meeting its site selection guidelines. If franchisees remain in compliance with the Franchise Agreement and any other agreement franchisees have with the franchisor or its affiliates, the franchisor and its affiliates will not establish or authorize anyone except franchisees to establish an Amazing Lash Studio business in the geographic area identified as the “Protected Area” in the Franchise Agreement during the term of the Franchise Agreement. The Protected Area will be (a) a circular geographic area having a radius of at least 1.5 miles and its center at the front door of the Amazing Lash Studio business, or (b) an irregularly shaped geographic area which includes the Amazing Lash Studio business and extends out from the front door of the Amazing Lash Studio business at least 1.5 miles in all directions. The franchisor determines the boundaries of each Protected Area on a case-by-case basis.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the initial franchise term is 10 years. One additional 10-year term is available, if requirements are met.

Obligations and Restrictions: When franchisees sign the Franchise Agreement, they must designate an individual to serve as the “Principal Owner.” The Principal Owner must be an individual holding an ownership interest in the franchise, or, if franchisees are an individual they will be the Principal Owner. The Principal Owner must meet the franchisor’s qualifications and must be approved by the franchisor. The same person must act as the Principal Owner under the Franchise Agreements for all Amazing Lash Studio businesses operated by franchisees and, if applicable, their affiliates. All products franchisees use or sell at the Amazing Lash Studio business must conform to the franchisor’s standards and specifications. Franchisees must not deviate from the franchisor’s standards and specifications unless the franchisor first gives franchisees written consent. Franchisees must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations and secure all appropriate governmental approvals for the Amazing Lash Studio business.

Estimated Number of Units: 80

Investment Tables:
Initial Investment
Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $39,000 $39,000
Lease Expenses $6,000 $14,000
Leasehold Improvements $120,000 $300,000
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment $20,000 $40,000
Computer Hardware and Software $18,350 $20,700
Initial Training Costs (per person) $250 $3,000
Security Deposits $4,000 $8,000
Architect, Plans and Designs (including Site Plan/Design Fee) $2,500 $7,500
Signage $10,000 $15,000
Initial Inventory/Supplies $12,000 $24,000
Grand Opening Marketing $10,000 $10,000
Business Supplies $250 $1,500
Business Permits/Licenses (first year) $500 $2,000
Insurance Deposits and Premiums (first year) $1,500 $3,000
Professional Fees (first year) $2,500 $5,000
Additional Funds (3 months) $30,000 $105,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL $276,850 $597,700
Other Fees
Type of Fee Amount
Royalty Fee 6% of the Amazing Lash Studio’s Gross Sales.
Franchisee Local Advertising and Cooperatives The greater of (i) $1,750 per month or (ii) four percent (4%) of the Amazing Lash Studio’s Gross Sales.
Franchisee Advertising Fund 1% of the Amazing Lash Studio’s Gross Sales.
Business Listings Between $100 and $1,000 per year.
PCI Compliance Service Fees Currently $282 or $384 per month, depending on whether franchisees choose to purchase or lease their PCI compliance equipment.
Interest The lesser of 18% per year or the maximum lawful rate.
Late Fee $100 for each month that an amount owed to the franchisor remains past due.
Additional Training At the franchisor’s option, a per diem rate of $300 for each trainer, based on its costs of providing the training.
On-Site Remedial Training The then-current per diem fee for remedial training, plus costs. The current per diem rate is $300 per trainer.
Transfer Fee (Franchise Agreement) An amount equal to 25% of our then-current initial franchise fee, provided that the transfer fee shall not exceed $10,000
Renewal Fee (Franchise Agreement) An amount equal to 25% of our then-current initial franchise fee, provided that the renewal fee will not exceed $10,000
Securities Offering Fee An amount equal to the franchisor’s actual costs and expenses associated with the proposed securities offering, which may be as low as $0 and in no event will be more than $10,000
Manual Replacement Fee $500
Inspection and Testing Cost of inspection, if applicable, and cost of test. The costs for testing/inspection of a product will vary based on the testing required for the particular product, and the franchisor will provide an estimate of the costs to franchisees before testing a product or inspecting any facilities.
Indemnification Varies according to loss.
Audit Fee Cost of Audit.
Franchisee Monthly Software and Technology Licensing and Support Fees $175 per month from the date franchisees sign their Franchise Agreement through the date franchisee first opens their Amazing Lash Studio for business, and $350 per month thereafter (these fees are per franchised location).
Insurance Fee An amount equal to the franchisor’s actual expenses for the required coverages.
Liquidated Damages for Intellectual Property Infringement $100 for each item used or sold by franchisees that is not authorized by the franchisor or otherwise violates its or, its affiliates’, rights in the Amazing Lash Studio trademarks, patents or other intellectual property.
Enforcement Costs Will vary.

The above information has been taken from the FDD of Amazing Lash Studio. Year of FDD: 2016

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