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Food Scene Appealing More to International Consumers and Flavors

All that is great about the food scene across the U.S. is often linked to its diversity. With cultures from around the world taking up roots across the country, food becomes just about as diverse as one could imagine, especially in areas where travelers create a new business and a new home, not to mention the many international hub cities throughout.


In light of this tradition, one initiative hopes to help consumers from around the world to peer into what different regions and states have to offer with a look at their vibrant culinary scenes. Flavors of the USA is a new site that launched last month to call attention to what makes each culinary center of different regions special.


This attention to the various different food scenes across the U.S. is particularly focused on inviting and enticing more tourism, as well as making it easier for travelers to find out what food festivities are happening and where. The site contains distinct sections highlighting different regions, from west to east coast, north to south. 


Of course, food service businesses are also geared up to satisfy not only the tastes of locals in the U.S. but those around the globe. One hallmark of food franchises that have expanded beyond the U.S. is their penchant for innovating menus that adapt well to local cultural tastes. It’s no secret that major food franchise companies have been successful in various countries when introducing alternative menu items to accommodate local interests.


Meanwhile, right in the U.S. some chefs are reviving and maintaining interest in food diversity. One cultural tradition often overlooked, Native American cuisine, which stands to offer a great deal to the U.S. food scene in many states, is experiencing a reintroduction via one South Dakota native chef located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Culinary concepts like these could certainly be further promulgated through the power of the franchise business model.


Another growing dining experience in U.S. food scenes is that supported by chefs with both Korean and American cultural traditions influencing their passion, bringing some of the tastiest aspects of Korean cooking to diners from New York to Kentucky to California.


No matter the food, no matter the consumer, one additional thing food service businesses do well to keep in mind: mobility of food traditions, right alongside the travelers seeking new culinary experiences, are happening right alongside mobile technology trends. One infographic clearly illustrates some of the key trends affecting how consumers approach eating out. Wifi, tablets, mobile phones, kiosks—based on surveys, all of these continue to contribute positively to consumer experiences.

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