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FDD Guide Samples (Items 1-4)



To simplify the language in this Disclosure Document, "we" "our" "us" and "TMI" mean The Maids International, Inc., the franchisor. "You" means the person, persons or entity who buys a franchise, including the entity's owners. On October 9, 1979, we were incorporated in the State of Nebraska. We do business under the name "The Maids®." Our offices are at 4820 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68132. Our website is We have no parents, predecessors or affiliates required to be disclosed in this Item. We are engaged in no business activities other than franchising the right to own and operate The Maids® household maintenance and home services businesses and operating company owned The Maids® stores.


Our agents for service of process are disclosed on Exhibit K to this Disclosure Document. Franchised Business.


We grant the personal right and license to establish and operate a The Maids® household maintenance and home services business ("The Maids Business"). Under the terms of the Franchise Agreement (which is attached as Exhibit D), you will operate your The Maids® Business within a prescribed territory. We also grant conversion franchises to qualified persons or entities who have been engaged in a household maintenance and service business ("Conversion Franchisee"). Conversion Franchisees must sign both the Franchise Agreement and the "Conversion Rider to the Franchise Agreement" (which is attached to the Franchise Agreement). The Maids® Businesses provide efficient household cleaning services for people who lack the time or desire to clean their home on a regular basis.

**Excerpt of Item 1 from The Maids 2010 FDD**




The following is a list of any directors, trustees, general partners, principal officers and other individuals with management responsibility relating to the sale or operation of the franchise offered by this Disclosure Document, together with all franchise brokers. The principal position and employer of each such individual during the last five (5) years, including each position's starting date, ending date and location, are listed below. Unless otherwise specified below, the location of each position is Dallas, Texas.


Chairman: T. D. Dickey. Jr.


T. D. Dickey, Jr. serves as Chairman of the Board of Dickey's and has served in that capacity since his employment by Dickey's in March of 1994. Mr. Dickey began working in his family's barbecue business in 1968 and since 1971 has been Chairman of the Board of DBP.



Chief Executive: Roland R. Dickev


Roland Dickey, brother of T.D. Dickey, Jr., serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dickey's, and previously had served as President of Dickey's from the date of Mr. Dickey's initial employment by the company in March of 1994 until 2006. Mr. Dickey began working in the family's barbecue business in 1968 and since 1971 has been President of DBP.


President: Roland Dickev. Jr.


Roland Dickey, Jr., son of Roland R. Dickey, began working at Dickey's in July of 1999, and in 2006, became the President of Dickey's. Prior to becoming President, Mr. Dickey served as Vice President of Dickey's.


Director of Real Estate: Cullen Dickev


Cullen Dickey began service with Dickey's in February of 2006 as Director of Real Estate. Mr. Dickey, son of Roland R. Dickey, also has worked as an independent commercial real estate agent in the Dallas, Texas area since 2001.


Director of Franchise Development: Owen Edwards


Owen Edwards began working for DBP in 1974 and has served as a Restaurant Manager for DBP starting in 1989. Mr. Edwards began service at Dickey's in January of 1997.

**Excerpt of Item 2 from Dickey's BBQ 2010 FDD**




Other than these 2 actions, no litigation or arbitration is required to be disclosed in this Disclosure Document.

Pending Litigation

Sport Clips, Inc. v. First Coast Hair Care, LLC, Raymond K. Benedict, and Melinda A. Benedict, case no. 07-376-C277, 277th Judicial District Court of Williamson County, Texas. In May 2007, SCI filed suit against franchisee First Coast Hair Care, LLC and its guarantors seeking a declaratory judgment that the post-termination covenant not-to-compete is enforceable and seeking unpaid royalties. In July 2007, the Defendants filed an Answer and Counterclaim, alleging that SCI breached the Franchise Agreement, engaged in fraud and violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. SCI intends to pursue its claims and defend the counterclaims vigorously.

Concluded Litigation

During the calendar year of 2009, the Company initiated the following lawsuit to enforce obligations under the Franchise Agreement:

Sport Clips, Inc. v. Gregory A. Fisher, Terry Lynn Fisher, Wellington Franchise Systems, LP, Wellington Franchise Systems of Nevada, LLC and Future Value Investments, LLC, case no. 09-0430-C277, 277th Judicial District Court of Williamson County, Texas.



No person identified in Items 1 or 2 of this Disclosure Document has been involved as a debtor in any bankruptcy proceedings required to be disclosed in this Item.

**Items 3 & 4 from Sport Clips 2010 FDD**



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