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Description: Whether you’re considering starting your own business, or wish to expand and diversify your existing company, Renew Crew’s unique outdoor surface cleaning franchise model might be the perfect opportunity for you! Opportunities: Single and multi-unit franchise opportunities currently available in all states except: AK, HI, ID, ME, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, NH Business Type: Franchise. Minimum Cash Required: $50,000. Financing Assistance: Yes, from the company. Training Provided: Yes. Home-based: Yes. SBA-Approved: Yes.


Renew Crew Franchise Video

Renew Crew Franchise Video

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We offer a discount of $2,500 on the initial franchise fee for qualified military veterans.

Interview with Rob White: VP and Brand Leader of Renew Crew

Renew Crew VP Rob White Maintaining and protecting exteriors is a necessary part of home ownership. Founded in 1993, Renew Crew rapidly grew from a prosperous wood cleaning franchise to a designated Top 500 and World Class Franchise through offering high value services, encompassing a full range of eco-friendly exterior surface upkeep. The secret to Renew Crew’s longevity has been ensuring franchisees are experts in delivering these services with detailed training and innovating to follow the industry landscape.

In this Success Stories Interview, we hear from Renew Crew VP and Brand Leader Rob White. He is directly responsible for setting Renew Crew franchisees up to operate this forward-thinking home maintenance franchise. Rob understands the importance of embracing an evolving industry to stay ahead of the competition and that there’s no such thing as asking too many questions. Read on for valuable insight from Rob about what it’s like to be a Renew Crew franchisee.

Tell us about your history with Renew Crew.

I have only been involved with the Renew Crew Brand for approaching one year. I had been working with Renew Crew’s sister brand for just over a year when I voiced interest in joining the brand.

How does your role as brand leader impact franchisees?

I am responsible for leading the brand. Which means that I am responsible for setting the direction of the brand in terms of service offerings and brand positioning, but most importantly I am responsible for making sure that RENEW CREW franchisees have everything that they need to grow their businesses in terms of revenue and profit, to a point that will allow them to reach their business and personal goals. The franchisees come first at RENEW CREW and the profitability and success of each franchisee is the primary goal of RENEW CREW system.

Describe a person who would fit in well with running a Renew Crew franchise, is outdoor cleaning experience necessary?

No, experience is not necessary. We are looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors and can appreciate our clients desire to have a well maintained outdoor living space. Someone who enjoys working with people, who has a desire to lead a team, and gets a sense of satisfaction from seeing amazing production results. Someone who gets a sense of satisfaction from seeing clients who keep coming back and telling their friends and family members about their experience with RENEW CREW.

How long does it take for a franchisee to typically get their business up and running?

RENEW CREW has a quicker startup than most brands. We have one week of Training at our corporate headquarters in Richmond, VA and up to one week of field training back at the franchisee’s place of business. However, due to our support staff with an average of over 15 years of experience with the brand, we are able to help new franchisees to get out of the gate and to ramp up very quickly. We also have systems and vendors that are in some cases, “Plug and Play” and are able to provide some of the functions for the franchisee at a cost at less than what it would be for the franchisee to have an employee do these task. Answering the phone with a live voice, screening incoming calls and setting customer appointments for the franchisee or general manager is a good example of these task that can be set up as “plug and play” service to the new franchisee.

Renew Crew Before/After

What is your #1 piece of advice you would share to a first-time franchisee?

As a former franchisee, I love answering this question! I have 4 main pieces of advice for first-time franchisees, but if I need to pick one, I would say “Embrace the training and support and then follow the systems and ask for help”. When I was a franchisee, I thought that I knew and followed all of the systems and that I asked for help too often! When I moved on the franchisor side of the same brand, I realized that as a franchisee, I didn’t know or follow 70% of the systems and that I should have asked for help twice as often I had done. Franchisees are paying for systems and support. Good franchise systems are good at providing systems and support….use the systems and ask for help! Not doing so is like paying for an all inclusive trip to some exotic island, and never getting on the plane to take the trip! You are wasting the money that you spend on royalties if you don’t follow the systems and ask for help!

Why is home improvement /outdoor maintenance a good industry for a prospective franchisee?

Everybody wants to be outside when the weather is nice. It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota or Miami, people want to enjoy their backyards when the weather permits. As a service providing business owner it is much less stressful to work on the exterior of a client’s home than it is the interior. It is also much more enjoyable to work with clients to improve or maintain an area that they love, verses fix something that is broken.

The exterior home maintenance category is growing at a rate of 30% per year. It's a great place to be from a business standpoint as well and a lifestyle standpoint.

What has been the biggest challenge Renew Crew has faced? How did you overcome it?

By far the biggest challenge has been transitioning from Wood Renew to RENEW CREW. This transition has been taking place over the past three years, and the brand is now really seeing the benefit. The franchisees who have embraced this change and who are providing cleaning and protecting services on all exterior surfaces are growing at an average rate of 40% year over year. It has taken just over three years, but with focus, training and a fantastic group of franchisees, RENEW CREW is now beginning to explode!

Renew Crew

As the national leading brand for exterior surface cleaning and protecting, what is Renew Crew doing to stay ahead of the competition?

As John Maxwell says, “Change itself, doesn’t necessarily result in growth but you can’t grow unless you are willing to change”
The RENEW CREW model will continually evolve to stay ahead of our competitors, but more importantly to provide exterior cleaning and protecting services that home owners need and want. It is RENEW CREW’s responsibility to help our clients enjoy their exterior living spaces and any cleaning and protecting service that will benefit our clients is one that we will consider adding to our bundle of services.

What’s the biggest mistake you see from incoming franchisees? How can it be avoided?

This biggest mistake is not being able to focus on the business or have someone, with skin in the game, that can focus on the new business. If the franchisee is a current business owner, he/she should hire someone to run their current business so he/she can focus, on the new business. If the franchisee has another job, they can still start a new business/franchise, but he/she needs to be able to spend an adequate amount of time on the new business and not simply hire people and expect those people to treat the business like the owner would.

Can you elaborate on the kind of support and training an incoming franchisee can expect from Renew Crew?

Training happens in three phases:

  1. One week of initial training at the home office in Richmond Virginia that covers all aspects of running the RENEW CREW business.
  2. Up to one week of on-site training at the franchises place of business that will happen within 60 days of the franchisee returning from Phase I training in Richmond.
  3. On-going Training. This includes:
  • Hard surface Hands-on training in March each year. (Optional but highly suggested)
  • Mid-Year meeting held in July of each year. (optional but highly suggested)
  • Annual meeting held in January of each year.
  • “Special Services” training that happens periodicaly through year and that is neither required not suggested in some cases.

In terms of support, we have a support team exclusive to RENEW CREW with an average of over 15 years of RENEW CREW experience. This team is well versed in all aspects of the business operations including production, marketing, sales, financial metrics. We are also very fortunate to be a part of Outdoor Living Brands, which is a platform company with four brands, Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Mosquito Squad and RENEW CREW. Through Outdoor Living Brands, the RENEW CREW franchisees receive support and training from experts in Marketing, Financial Management, and Business Planning.

What’s next for Renew Crew in terms of future growth?

One of the areas of RENEW CREW’s service offering, Hardscape cleaning and Protecting” is experiencing explosive growth. We expect RENEW CREW to continue growing at a very rapid pace with cleaning and protection of wood surfaces as well as in the booming category of Hardscape Cleaning and protection. We have seen drastic increases in customer’s interest in “staining and protecting concrete” over the past three years and we are confident that this trend will continue. This trend, as well as a continued focus to bring “add-on” services into the RENEW CREW offering will lead the brand to 25-35% annual growth rates over the next several years.

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