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5 Ways Franchisees Lead with Insight

Regardless of the success of a business, or even its struggles, all franchise systems run because of human beings standing firm behind a brand, propping it up with their own skills, talents, motivations, and interests.  Thus every business is essentially a machine operated by talented and persistent minds, which includes each and every member of the team, from head operation management to those handling the daily tasks that put the machine into motion.

Accomplished franchises are comprised of various locations and partners, or franchisees, which have opted to stand firm supporting the business model and the brand. Creating something special in a specific location, offering staff members and locals something fresh within an established brand, is what building a unique and dynamic franchise is about.

Here are five ways that some franchisees are doing just that:

Get Your Hands Dirty

Franchise owners who want to lead their team and manage their location with insight are eagerly involved with all aspects of operation.  This approach reveals a leader with a humble character, one of service, something that any franchise benefits from, and this shines in the eyes of employees and customers who feel respected and considered.

Highly Customized Marketing & Services

What better way to reach out to your customers nearby than customized marketing tools that maintain brand integrity?  Franchisors do well to implement such flexibility in marketing techniques that are accessible and franchisees do well to take advantage of them however possible.  This means engaging locals in ways that they actually find engaging, thus making the franchise relevant for the entire community in which it sits.

Remain Flexible & Serve What Attracts

Franchise owners who strictly adhere to protocol rarely earn the loyalty of repeat customers, because each customer likely has a preference and a quirk or two.  If such quirks are acknowledged as workable many customers come back, feel welcome, and establish your franchise as part of their routine.  Why?  Because you truly appreciate their business, and you act like it, doing what is in your power to make them happy.

Support Experimentation & Trust Your Crew

New ideas and ongoing positive development are only possible when leaders recognize the value of each and every voice on their team.  By trusting the views and opinions of employees, and aiming to build employee retention with a crew that knows the ins and outs of operating the franchise well enough to make valuable recommendations, each franchise owner is investing in the health and longevity of their business.

Value Your Team: Pay What They Are Worth

Nothing says “I appreciate you and want you here” more than sharing the flow of energy streaming in each month with the able bodied individuals who support your enterprise.  By offering employees compensation for their time, energy, and talents that reflects gratitude, franchisees are on their way to building something lovely: a franchise location with a loyal and knowledgeable staff, which is far more valuable than pennies spent elsewhere.

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