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Accommodate to Initiate Change as a Franchisee

Potential franchisees often have high hopes and aims to partner up with franchise systems that honor the wishes and interests of franchise operators. Many franchisees believe that having the ability to initiate changes within their franchise operation should be possible. Here are some aspects for potential franchise investors to consider when seeking a franchise system that encourages franchisees who initiate positive changes.

1.  Focus on Accommodating Customers and Clients

In whatever way you can make life easier for those driving business and supporting the franchise, either locally or beyond, focus on the changes that support loyalty to the brand. For franchisees and franchisors, the bottom line of each franchise exists because of customers and clients, and serving them effectively while separating the company amidst competitors. If franchisees can enhance this essential process and show how it’s working, franchisors usually take note and invite further initiation should it actually support the system’s success.

What franchisees must additionally keep in mind is the franchise system’s stance on the role and status of franchise partners throughout the system, which brings us to the next point.

2.  Focus on Interdependency Precepts

What drives a franchise system and the role franchisees play in this can very often be more clearly understood by evaluating the degree to which franchisees are already actively involved in the progression of the business. Interdependency implies connectedness and this is what franchisees who wish to initiate positive changes at their level or even beyond into policy must consider: is the franchise system inextricably bound up by the flow and exchange between franchisees? How are franchisee interests treated and how are upper level management operations addressed when franchisee wishes are concerned?

Franchisees that are heard and included in the small to large decisions made across the system are often part of a franchise with a management team that has made specific decisions upon the founding of the business to welcome franchisee input with approachability.

3.  Focus on Franchise Agreement & Trustworthiness

Consider thoroughly and wisely how comfortable you are with the areas of the franchise agreement that specifically outline the limits of franchisee power, where power concerns the ability to initiate change. Does the franchise agreement sound like something you can indefinitely agree to for the term of the contract without feeling powerless to realize your personal vision?  If not, reconsider signing on the dotted line. On the other hand, locating what aspects of the agreement highlight goodwill toward franchisee initiation is important to understand what areas in specific your wishes may blossom in the future, while remaining loyal to the contract.

Franchisees who first learn how to excel at managing their own franchise location earn the trust of fellow franchisees and franchisor. By focusing on how you can perfect the operation of your location even more fully, any initiation to alter specific policies or processes is far more likely to be met with flexibility and interest.  By emphasizing your trustworthiness, franchisors can believe in your suggested adjustments and more heavily consider their value.

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