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Cold Brew Heating Up For Coffee Franchises

It’s the height of summer, but that doesn’t mean that coffee franchises have to suffer.

Over the last decade, coffee franchises have stayed relevant and profitable during the warm months by selling ice coffee. Office workers and many other love a hot coffee to get them going in the day time, but a teeming cup of joe is about the last thing you’d want when it’s 99 degrees out. Ice coffee may not be not as tasty as its hotter companion, but it is a reliable caffinator.

Interestingly, though, we may be on the verge of an ice coffee revolution. Fast Casual magazine have reported that independent coffee house Bread Alone in upstate New York are pioneering a new cold brew method for coffee.

Here’s how it works:

To cold-brew coffee, Bread Alone puts ground coffee in a mesh bag, then submerges it in cold water and refrigerates it overnight. Before straining the liquid, staffers “massage” the bag to make sure all of the essential flavors and oils are extracted. The result is a syrup that’s diluted with water and kept in a carafe. The staff uses that dilution to make cold coffee drinks. Fountain said the syrup holds for about four days; after that, staff discards leftovers and makes a fresh batch.

Now Bread Alone is not alone when it comes to cold brewing. Seattle’s Best, one of America’s biggest franchises, have been doing it for some time. Steve Hayter, director of beverage, food, merchandise categories and R&D, told the online magazine that cold brewing “extracts the flavors of the coffee and leaves behind undesirable acids and oils, resulting in a smooth, slightly sweet coffee that is half as acidic as that made using other methods”.

The problem with cold brewing is the massive time investment it involves – up to 24 hours compared to just a few minutes for a pot of coffee. Coffee connoisseurs appreciate the difference in taste, though, between a cold brew and warm brew with ice added. Its great to see cold brew coffee making some breakthroughs and we hope that someone soon will invent a method for a cheaper, longer-lasting cold brew.

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