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Franchise Ownership & Creative Thinking

The thought of creativity and franchise ownership colliding is not a new one, though there do exist many naysaying elements out there who argue that franchises are merely the recreation of something already done, something essentially “non-creative”. How does creative thinking and franchise ownership interact? Some simple areas to consider…

Some franchisees seek to introduce an even greater measure of creativity into franchise businesses and this is admirable. It is in fact what makes franchising an even more rewarding experience for those interested in minimizing risks with a proven business model, while inspiring newness through their own creative input.

Take for example a local pizza franchise in the neighborhood. While the menu of this franchise may appear very similar to that of other franchise locations throughout the city area, there is a slight difference: the owner offers to customers a dairy alternative cheese and gluten-free crust…slight difference, sure, but certainly a major draw for customers who simply cannot tolerate dairy or gluten, and a difference which would distinguish this location from the rest.

It is definitely vital when considering how to combine creative ideas with a franchise system that franchisors and franchisees keep the lines of communication open and consider which creative ideas make good business sense. This maintains a close relationship between either party, ensuring that any new ideas are in alignment with the overall brand image and concept of the franchise.

Creative ideas may also involve the kind of incentives offered to employees and any additional perks which may contribute to the overall value of the franchise location. This could include specific employee promotion plans to support productivity. Ideas that increase the general wellbeing and contentment of all staff members may be innovative and add to affirmative energy on the job.

Very often franchisees will find that creatively dealing with challenges that arise has the potential to increase sales and add dynamism to the brand which can only come from authentic human thought and considering customers. The parent brand thus outlines the business model which the franchisee is loyal to, while at the same time the franchisee creates solutions to issues that potential customers may face, such as the alternative cheese and crust.

Customers seeking a solution to their problem are far more likely to return and share their enthusiasm for a local franchise if it is apparent that the franchisee has considered their problem worth solving. This in itself can speak volumes for the parent brand and can be integrated into the overall experience that customers have when interacting with the brand and their local franchise location. Thus creative thinking can greatly increase a franchise’s reputation in an area while the franchisee maintains a strong connection with the parent brand concept.

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