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What makes technology so amazing for the franchise world is the variability it creates when customers and businesses unite.  Custom ordering through a simple and neutral space continues to grow in popularity as consumers become more and more comfortable with smart phones, tablets, and computers for ordering products and services that come right to their front door.

The appeal of kiosk ordering is hitting markets internationally as well as select parts of the U.S. which allows kiosk managers and the franchisees that monitor their use for their own location to closely observe customer response.  Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and KFC are three global brands that have integrated kiosk ordering with their customer contact system.  In college and tech savvy communities and demographics, these devices are especially popular due to their ease of use, and discounts that may be offered for using them rather than ordering through other means.

Now at 40 percent of orders, online and mobile ordering was at 20 percent in 2009 for pizza chains, revealing a marked increase in customers taking an active interest in ordering via alternative means, versus the traditional in-person or via telephone route.  Food franchising is particularly conducive to integrating these kinds of options for customers, and not only is phone and online ordering popular, but ordering through social media sites such as Facebook is an option.  Options for customers to create an order right from where they happen to be certainly opens the door for increased sells to spring up, and technology continues to increase exposure for many brands.

Kiosks can act as standalone advertising stations that remind potential customers of a product or service that may not have been on their mind, at least initially, and with the freedom to easily place an order through the system many potential customers may choose to do so.  The added close proximity benefit and convenience factor can make this point of sale process that much more appealing for customers.  Language barriers can be overcome with kiosks programmed to communicate to customers in their native language, while diverse U.S. consumers become more familiar with kiosk culture based transactions, such as at local grocery stores and airports.  The mobility that kiosk stations provide to brands is also appealing for companies that wish to place their brand in the midst of elevated foot traffic areas where potential customers may interact more easily with the brand on their day to day route.

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