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Friday Franchising News - April Fools' Day Fun

Friday Franchising News April 1
April Fools' Day: It’s the one day a year everyone is on high alert for potential shenanigans from friends, family and... brands. April Fools' marks the annual opportunity for brands to take a break from their normally scheduled programming and get far-out creative with their products. Consider this fun and games with a purpose — when done right, April Fools' Day presents businesses the opportunity to increase brand recognition and improve their likeability factor.

Some of our favorite franchises are already making mischief:

  • An app for the gym chain Anytime Fitness that allows people who own fitness equipment to open up their homes to people who don’t belong to a gym.

  • Mcdonald's hops on the popularity of subscription services with a monthly delivery box. #MmmBox pairs your favorite menu items with your lifestyle. The "Minimalist Box" (where less is so much more) contains a single fry with a dollop of ketchup

  • Avid April fooler, Pizza Hut (UK) is bringing the brand’s ‘dough-how’ to a new format that is not for the weak hearted. Pizza inspired loaves will be available in: “Stuffed Crust Meat Feast”, “Classic Crust Pepperoni Feast” and “Gluten Free Vegetable Supreme.”

  • Wayback Burgers has a new milkshake flavor for us: The Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake. Cheese whiz is the key player here, blending premium vanilla ice cream and cheeeesy goodness that is prime for dipping with the franchise’s House-Made Chips.

No doubt this year brands will have more tricks up their sleeve. It’s a sign of the times that many pranks are technology-oriented, robotics are a popular trend. Brands can spread their reach easier than ever through social media to get the conversation flowing. Let’s take a look back at some memorable fun the franchise sector had had in recent years.

Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Pilsner: The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to classic pairings, we have the main players peanut butter and jelly, steak and potatoes, cake and ice cream… piping hot pizza and ice cold beer. Last year, Pizza Hut took note of this and introduced the Pepperoni Pilsner. Deemed “a beer that’s a total game changer,” the pilsner capitalized on our penchant for out-of-the-box brews and foodie daydreams. The tangy beer featured rich notes of Italian herbs, fruity Roma tomatoes, and Peruvian cherry peppers. Wishful thinking won, Pizza Hut successfully duped blogs and connoisseurs alike with a convincing behind the scenes video that demonstrated the master craftsmanship of conceiving… a top notch joke.

Jimmy John's Delivers on the Fly

Sometimes the best pranks are the ones that straddle the line between “maybe, possibly” and in this tech-centric age, drone delivery seems just around the corner. Sandwich artist franchise, Jimmy John’s capitalized on this with a social media announcement introducing a fleet of drones to drop off sandwiches on the fly.  While this might have been an April Fool in 2015, the future may usher this in as a reality for delivery franchises that pride themselves on speedy service.

Similarly, Southern burger chain Krystal debuted a new drone delivery program “Krystal Fly-Thru.” According to the company’s introduction video, "The great taste of Krystal has taken to the skies! Now, Atlantans can have their Krystal favorites delivered via quad-copter."

KFC Gets Mighty

What do you do when your creation is just too mighty? In KFC Australia’s case, the chicken franchise took matters into their own hands. The limited edition Mighty Burger lived up to its name, deemed half an inch too big for the average mouth. To combat this chomping conundrum, the Mighty Mouth Expander was born. The device assured diners that they would be able to maximize their mouth space to fully enjoy the Mighty Burger, offering the expander as part of a complimentary upsize. Not many were fooled, but the brand accomplished their intention to remind everyone that when it comes to big, they are committed.

Domino’s Steers the Course: No Driver Required

It is no longer the stuff of science fiction to forecast pizza delivery no longer requiring a human delivery person behind the wheel. Last year Domino’s introduced the world’s first driverless pizza delivery vehicles which held the distinct advantage of being able to carry 400% more pizzas. The autonomous vehicles will track customers orders by GPS and Domi-No-Driver’s H.U.N.G.A.R. system (Hunger Detection And Ranging) will detect any obstacles en-route, ensuring maximum safety for road users. This futuristic foretelling looms as a reminder that this will become a reality sooner than later.
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